remembering justice ruth bader ginsburg

the nyu law community mourns the passing of us supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg.

 “justice ginsburg was a hero to millions of people in this country, and indeed around the world,” said dean trevor morrison, a former clerk for the justice. “she stood for principles of equality, fairness, and the rule of law, and in doing so she had an immense impact on the lives of many. when i had the great honor of clerking for the justice, she was already a titan in the law. still, i could not have imagined that she would one day become the cultural folk hero she is today. yet as ‘notorious rbg,’ she has inspired a new generation of young people to fight for the same principles that animated her entire life and career.”

in february 2018, visiting the nyu law campus, justice ginsburg reflected on her life in law, among other topics, in a conversation with kenji yoshino, chief justice earl warren professor of constitutional law, at an event presented by nyu law’s center for diversity, inclusion, and belonging (cdib). 

 watch the conversation with justice ginsburg: 


posted september 21, 2020